6 Extremely Strange Marriages In India

Gay marriage recently got legalized in U.S. We don’t know if any such thing will happen in India or not but there are many strange marriages that do happen in India, legalized or not, we cannot comment. Here are some marriages that you may find weird, but some such marriages has also taken place in other countries, so don’t think it happens only in India.

1. Teenager Married To A Dog to Exorcise Ghost

Mangli-Munda mirror.co.uk

source: mirror.co.uk

In some parts of rural India, it is believed that girls that are born with a baby tooth are said to possessed ghosts or ill luck. Another reason for such marriages is that any guru/pundit or astrologer tells the family how the child will bring bad luck to their spouse and they should get them married to something or someone else before their actual marriage. In this case a teenager named Mangli was married to a stray dog named Sheru in 2014 in eastern India. Sheru was brought in a schauffer driver car and 70 guests attended the wedding. The girl wasn’t happy with the marriage and Sheru was left baffled. For more details, read here.

2. Man Married A Bitch

selvi nbcnews

source: nbcnews

Selvakumar, 33 year old man in Manamadurai, Tamil Nadu married a female dog named Selvi. Selvakumar believes he was cursed as he killed 2 dogs by stoning them and the marriage was in reparation to the curse. Few years after killing the dogs, his hands and legs got paralyzed and he lost hearing from one ear. His astrologer told him, that only wedding with a dog may be able to cure him or repay for his sin. For more details, read here.

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3. Woman Married To A Snake

cobra-groom Russbowling Flickr

source: flickr. Credits: Russbowling

In 2006, a woman in Atala village of Orissa marred a snake in presence of 2,000 people of her village and other visitors who came there to celebrate the procession. The woman named Bimbala was said to have fallen sick and dreamt of Snake God in which they told her that she will be alright soon. She offered milk to the nearby snake ‘Debo’ in the anthill and started recovering after that. Meanwhile she fell in love with the cobra and decided to get married. The people of the village appreciated her idea thinking that it will bring good luck to the village. She claims to understand the snake’s language and has never been harmed by him. In the marriage procession she used the snake made of bronze to keep people comfortable. For more detail, click here.

4. Getting Married To A Tree Or Lord Vishnu’s Idol For Manglik Dosha

Marrying-a-Tree-India talesmaze

source: talesmaze

When the bride has a Manglik Dosha whereas the groom doesn’t, she has to get married to the Peepal tree, banana tree or lord Vishnu’s idol to remove the ill effects. It is believed that if one of the 2 has Manglik Dosha then their partner would die early or will face lot of troubles. This tradition is still followed in some places in India and it was rumored that Bollywood Actress Aishwarya Rai also married a Peepal tree in Banaras before marrying Abhishek Bachchan.

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5. Animal Marriages to Invoke Rain



In different places in India Frogs, Dogs and Donkeys are married to invoke the Rain God Indra to bless them with Rain showers. One such marriage of donkeys was reported in KolliKalnatham in 2013, where 1,500 villagers witnessed the marriage. Another incidence of dog marriage occurred in Indore in July 2014 to please the Rain God.

frogs newlovetimes

source: newlovetimes

Frogs croaking is symbolic of format start of monsoon showers as that’s the time when frogs come out during the rainy season. For more details, read here.

6. Cow and Bull Marriage For Protection From Natural Calamities

Cow And Bull Married In Lavish £10,000 Indian Wedding

source: dailymail

In April 2014, a Cow and Bull were married in Indore by the villagers following Hind ceremony and traditions. The cow names Ganga tied the knot with the Bull named Prakash in a big grand wedding where more than 5,000 villagers were present celebrating the event. The nearby villages had seen natural calamities like hailstorms and heavy rains which had destroyed the crop. To prevent from the same happening in their village, Sadhus suggested getting the cow married as cows are considered Holy and will prevent them from such calamities. For more details, click here.

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