6 Jewels From India That Were Stolen and Said To Be Cursed

Diamonds are a woman’s best friend, but not all of these ones. These jewels have brought down devastation to a lot of kings and their families as they have passed hands.

1. Curse of the Hope Diamond

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The Hope Diamond which is noted for its remarkable color, size, beauty and history is famous for the misfortune it brings with it or curse as people like to call it. The blue color diamond weighs 45.52 carats and is set in a pendant encircled by sixteen white diamonds. The history behind the diamond dates far back where a man named Tavernier who was travelling to India, stole the diamond from the forehead of a statue of Hindu goddess Sita. It is believed that he was torn apart by wild dogs while travelling in Russia after he had sold the diamond. It passed into the hands of King Louis XVI of France where it was worn by Princess de Lamballie and Marie Antinette. Marie and King Louis both were beheaded during the French Revolution and Lamballe was beaten to death by a mob. It later passed on into the hands of Jacques Colet who committed suicide, Surbaya who was stabbed to death by her royal lover who gifted her the stone and Simon Montharide who died in a carriage crash with the entire family. Later it passed on to hands of Mrs. Evalyn McLean who threw lavish ‘finding the Hope’ partied where the guests were invited to find the gemstone that she had hidden in her estate. Later her son was killed in a car accident, daughter died of an overdose, and her husband left her for another woman and she died in a sanitarium.

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2. The Black Orlov Diamond

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The 195 carat stone was stolen from the eyes in a statue of the Hindu God ‘Brahma’ in Pondicherry. Anyone who has possessed the diamond has eventually ended up with a suicide. It was acquired by J.W. Paris who was also responsible for bringing the diamond to US in 1932 jumped from skyscraper in New-York ending his life. Next owner Russian princess, Nadia Vyegin-Orlov and Leonila Galistine-Bariatinsky, both committed suicide by jumping from buildings in Rome separately few months apart. In 1947, Charles F. Winsosn acquired the diamond and cut it into a 67.5 carat stone, placed it in a setting surrounded by 108 diamonds and putting it in on a necklace of 124 diamonds to remove its curse. The curse might have been removed as no more stories of suicide associated with the diamond has been reported.

3. The Koh-i-noor Diamond

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‘He who owns the Diamond, will own the world, but will also know all its misfortunes. Only God, or a woman, can wear it with impunity’. The diamond was extracted from Kollur mine in Golconda, India. Its original name was ‘Samantik Mani’ and its name in Persian means ‘Mountain of Light’. The founder of Mughal Empire in India Babur, wrote about the diamond that it was first stole from King of Malwah in 1306 was original in it raw form it was a 739 carat gem. Since then the diamond has changed a lot of hands and every ruler faced with violence, murder, torture and treachery. It was given to Queen Victoria in 1850 and the British royal family aware of its curse, always passed the diamond in the hands of wife of the male heir of British throne. The diamond is only 105.6 carat now, sits on the queen crown and has been kept in the Tower of London jewel house. India had been unsuccessfully lobbying to get the diamond back for years.

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4. Orlov Diamond

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One of the largest found diamond in the world as it weighs 189.62 carats. Resembling to shape of an egg, it is said to be stolen from a Hindu God statue in Tamil Nadu, India by a French soldier. The diamond passed hands and ended with Grigory Grigoryevich Orlov in Russia. Orlov had an affair with Catherine II, where she was married to Peter III. Peter III was dethroned, Catherine became “Catherine the Great” of Russia and had an illegitimate child with Orlov. Later on, she left him for a Russian prince, but Orlov gave her the diamond to win her back. Catherine never came back to her but named the diamond after him which is now exhibited in Moscow showcasing Russia’s crown jewels.

5. The Delhi Purple Sapphire

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Whoever shall open it, shall first read out this warning, and then do as he pleased with the jewel. My advice to him or her is to cast it into the sea’. This was a note that was found by Peter Tandy in a box that was placed under multiple boxes, surrounded by lucky charms by Heron-Allen’s daughter. The beginning of the story starts the time when a British soldier who stole the stone from temple of Indra, the Hindu God of war and weather in Kanpur. It is said to be stolen during the Indian mutiny of 1857. Colonel W. Ferris, took it to England, and later his family suffered financial crisis. The stone passed hands on to Edward Heron-Allen, who was a scientist and writer in 1890. He quickly realized that the stone brought bad luck and passed it on to his friends. His friends also realized the bad luck charm the stone had brought with them as they started to have financial and health issues so they returned it back to him. After his death, his daughter donate the stone packed in the boxes by his father, to London’s Natural History Museum in 1943 and since then it has been on display.

6. Regent Diamond

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The story behind the Diamond starts from 1710 when the diamond was mined in India and weighed 410 carats. It is said that it was found by a slave working in the mine, who stole it by hiding it in a self-inflicted wound in his leg. He tried selling it to an English sea captain, who drowned the slave and sold the diamond. It is said to be bought by an English governor names Thomas Pitt, who named it after himself. He had the diamond cut down to 140.64 carats and sold it to Regent Philippe II of Orleans in 1717. The French royal family names it after Regent. The stone was later stolen in 1972, and passed into the hands of the French Army where they sold it to Berlin jeweler to raise funds. Napoleon I, claimed it in 1801, to have it set in the handle of his sword. After he died his widow returned the diamond back to France as a present which was then graced in the crowns of Louis XVIII

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