5 Haunted Hotels In India Where Ghosts Make Their Presence Feel

Some people believe in them and some not, but its always interesting to listen to their stories. These are not abandoned places but instead hotels where a lot of people reside and visit and sometimes do encounter ghosts as well.

1. Savoy hotel, Mussoorie

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In the year 1911, Miss Frances Garnett-Orme, a 49 year old spiritualist who stayed at the hotel with her companion Miss Eva Mountstephen was found dead in her hotel room one night with the doors and windows locked from inside. Later it was revealed she was poisoned with cyanide based poison but it was never found who was her murderer. Her companion was arrested on the charges of murder, but she was not found guilty. There have been many other murders that have said to happen in the hotel whose mysteries have never been resolved. The murder mysteries caused so much buzz that it inspired works of Agatha Christie as her first novel ‘The Mysterious Affair at Styles’. Visitors have complained about disturbing noises and Miss Orme’s ghost has repeatedly been seen aimlessly walking in the halls of the hotel. It is considered as one of the most haunted hotels in India. There is also a hotel with same name in Kansas, Missouri, U.S. which is also said to be haunted and there are some speculations that the stories might have got mixed up.

2. Taj Palace, Mumbai

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One of the iconic hotels in Mumbai which was in news at the time of terrorist attacks. The mysterious story traces back to the construction of the hotel. There are rumors that one of the architects W.A. Chambers committed suicide in the hotel after he returned from his trip to England. When he came back he was shocked to discover that the hotel front has been made in the reverse direction. Being a perfectionist he was shattered completely and committed suicide. Hotel’s employees and guests have reported sighting of Chamber’s ghost making rounds in long corridors.

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3. Brijraj Bhavan Palace – Kota, Rajasthan

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Located on the banks of river Chambal, Kota the palace has turned into a heritage hotel now. The ghost in the hotel is said to be of Major Burton who was serving as the British resident to Kota during the British reign. He was killed with his two sons in the central hall of the building by Indian sepoys in the year 1857 to take over the palace. Later the Queen of Kota, when visited the palace reported that she used to see Major Burton frequently. The guards have encountered his presence only when they are slapped by the ghost when they were sleeping at night during their duty.

4. Raj Kiran Hotel – Lonavala


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Located in Lonavala Mumbai, the hotel has been reported for many paranormal activities. The room behind the reception in the lobby on the ground floor is said to be haunted. Guests in the rooms have reported movement in the room, sheets being pulled on sleeping and even after being awake. The room is not rented out anymore. The Hotel’s story has also been telecasted on some news channels as well.

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5. Fern Hill Hotel – Ooty

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The famous hotel in Ooty was once used to be the summer residence of Maharaja of Mysore. It is said that the hotel was once shut down due to incidents of haunting. It was shot to fame during the shoot of Raaz, when Bipasha Basu told in an interview about the haunted stories she was told about the hotel. The incident is of Saroj Khan and her troupe when they visited Ooty for a shoot. After settling for an early night due to a morning shoot, the crew was kept aware by someone rearranging furniture in the room above. When they tried calling reception, the phone was dead. Desperate for sleep, some went down to complain, only to have the receptionist escort them outside pointing upward to show there was no floor above.

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